See what our 365 Soccer families are saying about us

"Awesome program!"

“365 Soccer Academy was a wonderful first-time soccer experience for my son. The coaches are wonderful, and he had a blast every week!” 

“My daughter had a great time at camp and we are looking forward to starting up in the fall!” 

“My kids loved this intro to soccer and it was perfect for their ages.”

“Great experience for our kids! They still ask when they’ll get to play soccer again. Looking forward to more positive learning and coaching for the kids in the future. We can’t wait for Saturday soccer to be back!” – Michelle S. 

"We loved it! It was our first experience trying out a sport and I felt like my son really enjoyed it. He didn't want to come back after the first day but on the last day he was so sad that it was his last day." - Laura

"We were very happy with the entire experience."

"365 Soccer Academy is a parents dream! No matter what age or level your child is at they are guaranteed to participate in a program that is engaging, encouraging, and instructive. The coaches, leaders, and facilitators CARE about your kids and it shows. This is the first time I have ever been to an athletic facility where so many people are 100% focused on the kids having fun, learning, and becoming better overall. There is clear thought and process put into how 365 carries itself and it's everything you would want for your kid and more! 100% worth it!" - Melissa K.

"Loved how engaged they kept the kids. Thank you!"

"My boys both loved soccer camp!  The coaches were fun and were able to keep both my 3yr old and 6yr old completely engaged and excited about soccer.  My kids looked forward to camp each day and wouldn't stop talking about how much fun it was.  We will definitely be back!" - Ashley G.

“The coaches were absolutely amazing with the kids! Coach Chris F. is extremely talented when it comes to working with this age. He just has that special something, and it was incredible to watch! The activities were very much age appropriate and kept the kids engaged and excited at all times. This was my boys' (ages 4 and 5) very first soccer experience and they were hesitant to go out onto the field on Day 1. They quickly felt comfortable and ended up getting SO excited to go every week. I am so very happy with the entire experience and hope we can get the boys back into another program soon!” – Tiffany M. 

"Thanks for a great week!"

"We've been beyond impressed with everything you all do each day! Super kid oriented, skills focused, but not overloaded, and beyond encouraging!"

"My daughter had a blast and I was so happy because she went very reluctantly the first day and was in tears. I thought, oh no this is going to be a long week but after her first day she felt comfortable and was even excited and woke up bright and early wanting to go back each day. She loved her coaches and her time playing games and interacting with the other participants. It was a wonderful experience and camp for my daughter. 😊" - Julianne C.

"Best soccer camp ever. Thank you for everything 365 Soccer Academy!!!"

"My son loved camp and talked about Coach Chris E. all the time. Thank you SO much for all you did with him, you made a huge impact. Y'all are running an amazing and special and unique camp."


"The patience and creativity put into the program is amazing! Each coach was very involved and energetic through every activity! My daughter has played in two different soccer programs before this camp and this is the first time she has been outgoing while participating in every activity and really having fun with the sport. I believe the amazing coaching staff had a big part in that! She had so much fun and has told both her dad and I that she wants Coach Chris E. to be her coach forever! Can’t wait until fall camps!" - Danielle R.

"Highly recommend 365 Soccer Academy!!"

"So impressed with everything you all do. The big things that stand out to me is the communication and just how resourceful it is to have Jen available to facilitate the camp. It is so nice to know as a parent being present or away that someone is there "watching" things over, answering questions, helping with bathrooms or band aids, and keeping things on track. I can tell that you all are focused on not only making sure the kids are having fun and learning but also that you are running an organization."

"My kids both loved their experience at 365 Soccer Academy.  Coach Chris E. is wonderful with the younger campers and creates the perfect environment for learning and fun.  We look forward to our next session this fall." - Cathy C.

"I don't want it to be the last day of soccer camp. It's going to be awful being home and being bored!" - Kinley, camper, age 3

"LOVED that the kids were engaged and ACTIVE for the full session each week!!"

"365 Soccer Academy has been so refreshing and fun to be a part of! The organization, communication and attention paid to these kiddos is like no other. The kids are engaged (and smiling!) through every session and they look forward to Saturday mornings :) The community needed this program, thanks so much for providing it! We love 365!" - Barbara P.

"My daughter had a great time!! Super fun!! 365 Soccer Academy is the best thing to come to Moore County!!!" - Andrea B.

"So organized and involved. We love the staff and especially the high school coaches, the kids really look up to them!" 

"Loved the constant activity!"

"This is an incredible program that is desperately needed in our area. Great job!" - Amy M.

"Fabulous program, have been very impressed with your overall structure of the hour and the engagement and maturity of your coaches." - Lindsay B.

"The staff does an amazing job with all of the kids! We love the program and have seen significant improvement in our kids' footwork/ball control."

Y'all are the BEST! Thanks again for another great session!

"The coaches are amazing. I love to see how interactive the high school kids are with the young ones. Our son just loved his coaches and looked forward to playing soccer every weekend. The coaches/planners/organizers have an amazing program set up that I know will expand and flourish in the near future. So happy to be a part of this program and supportive community." - Leslye F. 

"Both of my children loved playing soccer. Thanks for boosting their confidence." - Amy H.

We absolutely loved our experience with 365 Soccer Academy. My son asked if it was soccer day every day of the week! He adored Coach Chris and was so excited to see him every Saturday! He also loved all the other coaches and all staff was very kind and welcoming! I also loved that most of the staff knew him by name! Couldn’t have chosen a better place to start him in soccer! - 

"My daughter looked forward to every session !" - Lori C.

My children had a great week at camp! They both ended the week confident and positive about their soccer experience and abilities. The social and technical aspects of camp were equally important to us and I saw a good balance of both in just this one week session. The staff was interactive and available. We'd definitely do it again and plan to sign up for the fall sessions.